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22nd Feb 2021, 2:13 PM



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Author Notes

22nd Feb 2021, 2:13 PM I'm making a new series that I am coloring myself. Usually, I have a colorist but I wanted to come out of my shell about my coloring ability to where I don't feel bad about it or feel insecure about my ability to color things and make them, what I feel looks good.

Please enjoy this little series of mine.

EDIT: Uploaded a new version of my cover. The old one was well...really old and didn't even have the final designs for some of these characters. I prefer this one much better!


4th Mar 2021, 3:36 PM Well from this page the colouring is great I would also say the other but there not loading but that's on my end I think
1st Dec 2021, 8:46 AM Was it on Smack Jeeves?
1st Dec 2021, 9:03 AM No, I've never been on that website.