by Cressidia 

“An Update Is Coming!”

I'm working on an update for this comic! I've been making bigger art panels and fixing a continuity error in the first update that regards a background, so it's been taking a while. I'm also making the text bigger so it's getting a bit of an overhaul. There are also some problems I have with shadows and stuff so I need to correct some of them and make them make sense with the lighting. 

Hopefully, the reworked art will be a lot better and I feel like this comic has already had a vast improvement. I can't wait to show everyone what I've been working on this week.

Hopefully, this update will be finished by next week, or in 2-3 days if all goes well.  I'll keep you all updated here!

by Cressidia 

“Deleted Pages (But Don't Freak Out) Please Read”

I've deleted pages, but they will come back.  I remade my prologue to be better and not include huge blocks of text and as a result, the page count is all messed up because it's more pages than it used to be for various reasons. Everything will come back up. I just needed to delete them to reupload on prologue.  

I've also been trying to fix old mistakes in pages as well to make the comic better and easier to read.  I've been quiet on this comic, but in reality I have been working on it, trying to make it better than it was.  The story and characters and everything really is still the same.  Just giving it a little spring cleaning. I hope that you all will stick with it as I do so! I really love this comic a lot and I have so much of my story to share! I'm just trying to make the text readable and uniform and give it small improvments!

So, please don't worry that things have been deleted because they will come back!  
by Cressidia 


I've been hard at work, fixing a few things before I decide to update again.  

For those who don't know, I'm on a small hiatus with this comic so I can fix up some of the pages on it. So far, I have some of the prologue done, but I plan on doing more when I get home after work today. I want to get it completely finished by the end of the week. 

I'm not doing much to it, besides making the text and images bigger/better, so there won't be big changes. Updates won't show up on the updates page, but I am making them.

Animal Society will be out of hiatus soon!
by Cressidia 

“A Small Hiatus”

I'll be taking a small hiatus on this comic, as I've become quite busy and need to temporarily cut down on what I update so I don't tire myself out.  I will be making some changes to some of the pages in it, so it won't be a complete hiatus.  I created this comic back in 2021 and changed some of my character's designs mid-story and it doesn't look cohesive. 

I also want to break up some of the text in my prologue, especially on the dodo soldier page.  While you can skip the prologue and avoid the block text, it makes me mad every time I look at it and I want to break it up with some art and make it not look like you just got assaulted by words.

I don't really consider this a remaster or anything as much as it is me fixing cohesion and getting rid of abusive text to make the comic more accessibble to a wider audience.

Even though it won't be appearing in the newly updated section, I will be making changes for the better.  I probably won't upload the pages until I have them all done, that way I don't have to delete and reupload things if my pages run over. 

For now, the only thing I replaced is the cover. I'll make another blog once I'm done fixing my errors to alert everyone!

Until then, I'll catch you all on the flipside!
by Cressidia 

“Redoing a Few Things”

I haven't updated in a bit, but that's because I've been redoing my existing pages to make them look better. So hang in there, people who are subbed, there will be new pages soon.  I have about 11 pages left before I'm caught up with myself.  

This comic isn't dead, I'm just editing pages instead of uploading new ones.